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How does 301 Redirect Affect Your Website SEO?

301 Redirect

In 2019, there is still some misperception about which redirect is the best to use for the search engine optimization process. There are many online blogs and expert’s guidelines available on the Internet on the matter of 301 and 302 redirects. Many SEO experts recommend that a 302 redirect will not pass Page Rank and that 301 redirects are the best for search engine optimization. In addition, you have little misunderstood about both redirects you can choose any successful affordable SEO services to understand them better.

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What Do You Understand by 301 Redirect?

The 301 redirect is a permanent redirect that helps to pass through link juice of the existing domain. It needs to use if your website URL was permanently changed and again it needs to be indexed by the search engines. With the help of 301 redirects, all website traffic and existing SEO value of the original web page will move to new URL. This procedure will take long time, if search engine spiders visit the given web page infrequently, or if the new URL does not solve


How Does 301 redirects work?

A 301 redirect signal to crawlers that a web page has moved to another page permanently.

  • Redirect your old domain to your fresh ones.
  • Redirect a sub directory to a page on your site.
  • Redirect duplicate content to original page

Do 301 Redirects Affect Search Engine Rankings or Google Rankings?

Yes, 301 redirects can affect search engine optimization performance positively or negatively from different point of view like content and link building standpoint. It is also noticeable that if you are doing Seo Company, it can drop your rankings. So it will be better for you that you should hire top quality SEO services to improve the website’s rankings.

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